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Sakai is the online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment at Notre Dame. The use of Sakai enables sharing of knowledge and new models of collaboration within and across disciplines, at Notre Dame and beyond.

Using Sakai, you can:

Sakai logo

  • Publish your syllabi
  • Carry on discussions
  • Provide web links to other resources
  • Distribute files (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)
  • Create online quizzes
  • Conduct surveys
  • Enable students to submit assignments electronically
  • Manage and post grades

Each semester, your Course Sites will automatically exist in Sakai.  Enrollment in courses are still managed by data that is provided by the Registrar.  You can learn more about Sakai and how to use it to enhance your courses by using the links above.

Sakai is an open source collaboration and learning environment. A community of educators and academic institutions developed Sakai, and more than 350 schools around the world use it to support teaching, learning and scholarly activity both inside and outside the classroom. Our instance of Sakai has been configured and customized for use at Notre Dame.