Course Management

The OIT currently provides faculty and students several options for communication, academic collaboration, and distribution of course materials.


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Sakai is the new online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment at Notre Dame. The use of Sakai will enable sharing of knowledge and new models of collaboration within and across disciplines, at Notre Dame and beyond.

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AFS Courseware

Notre Dame’s Courseware Service provides an alternative means for sharing files between faculty and students. By using the service, instructors can place files into directories and regulate how students access the files.

Features of the Courseware Service include:

  • Placement of files the students in your course can access. Your course folder will store 1GB of files.
  • Access from Windows, Macintosh, or Unix computers.
  • Access restricted to only the faculty member teaching the class, the students officially enrolled in the class, and other Notre Dame faculty, staff, or students the instructor specifically designates.
  • A dropbox where students may submit assignments.

For the most part, these features are all available in Sakai. However, Courseware is unique among similar solutions in that it allows execution of code from where it is stored. In essence, Courseware is an extension of Notre Dame's AFS cell that is automatically created for each course, but is only given quota by request.

Faculty must request classes and sections be activated and provided with a 1GB quota in order to use the service. Faculty members can submit this request using this online request form. (Click Quota and then click Request courseware activation). Allow two business days for activation. You will receive a notice when your Courseware space is ready for use.

You can access the Courseware space via WebFile from any web browser with an Internet connection. Alternatively, you can map a drive to Courseware using OpenAFS. You can find instructions for accessing Courseware under AFS at OpenAFS.

Course Mailing Lists (Course Email or Acadlist)

Electronic mailing lists are automatically created for every section of every course at Notre Dame course and course section. Faculty and students can use these mailing lists for discussions, announcements, or other communication.  You can find the email address for these lists at Online Photo (  If you are an instructor, you can also find them in the My Groups page of Google Groups.  In addition to working as email lists, these lists can be used in calendar invitations and sharing documents and folders in Google Drive

Use OnlinePhoto to determine the exact list address for your course list:

1. Login to OnlinePhoto.  Select the correct term on the left, and then select your course.

2. Click the Listserv button near the top of the screen, and a pre-addressed email compose window will appear that includes your course list address.  Make sure to add the address to your contact list so that you don't have to return to OnlinePhoto just to email your class.


Additional Tools

Additionally, individuals can send messages to members of a course using tools in Sakai, or from Online Photo, which is integrated with the AcadList service. Online Photo is a channel available in insideND.

Although Google Apps and Box are not automatically configured for use with ND courses to limit access to those registered for the class, you might find these tools very useful and can manage permissions yourself within those tools.  You'll find additional info and comparisons under Shared File Space.


Remind is a free service which allows faculty to send text messages to the students in their class. This service can help make sure that reminders and notifications don't get overlooked or missed by busy students with lots of email.

  • The service is completely private. Teachers never see students’ phone numbers. Students never see the faculty member's phone number either .
  • The system is easy to use. Students sign up by text, email, or online via the join pages.
  • Text messages are sent from the Remind  web site or via the Remind app on your mobile device.
  • Instantly message every student in your class. They can receive it as a text message or an email.
  • Reminders can be scheduled in advance. Set it and forget it.
  • Within a class you can create groups of students and send messages to those groups.
  • You can attach photos, and files to text messages.

While Notre Dame has no relationship with Remind, the service has been reviewed and approved for use on campus. (Just remember to NEVER send sensitive information via text message or email .)

Just go to and sign up for an account.