Google Apps for Faculty & Staff Use

In Fall 2008, the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) began providing Notre Dame students with email service, calendaring, shared files space and other tools using the Google Apps for Education suite of tools. As of July 2012, OIT has expanded this program to provide access for all NetID accounts, although Exchange will remain the official email and calendaring service for faculty and staff. There are several caveats about which you must be aware when using Google Apps for Education. These caveats follow:

Exchange Is the Official Email & Calendaring Service for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff will not have access to the Gmail features of Google Apps, and this feature is not available upon request. Our contract with Google states that only students may have access to Gmail. Students who become faculty or staff at Notre Dame will have a period in which they will be able to move their messages to another email account or an archive. While faculty and staff will have access to Google Calendar, there is no supported way to sync this calendar with your Exchange calendar. It is suggested that you use this calendar only when collaborating with students.

Google Apps for Education are not Hosted on Campus

The OIT does not host, maintain or secure the content in Google Apps. Therefore, you must be responsible for backing up and securing any content you or your students choose to place in the Google Apps domain. For example, the OIT cannot recover an accidentally deleted file, nor does Google provide this service.

Intellectual Property Rights

You are responsible for protecting not only your own, but also your students’ intellectual property in Google Apps.

Highly Sensitive University Information

Notre Dame’s Highly Sensitive Information Handling Standards govern the use, transmission and storage of highly sensitive information, such as social security or credit card numbers. Highly sensitive information may never be placed into Google Apps.

Participation of “Outside” Individuals

Google Apps users can invite other users of Google Apps for Notre Dame to collaborate, as well as individuals with Google Apps accounts elsewhere, or commercial Google accounts. It is your responsibility to ensure that appropriate controls are used to prevent sharing or collaboration by users you do not wish to access the information placed into Google Apps for Notre Dame.

Coordination and Management of Users

Google Apps for Education are separately hosted third party services that are not integrated in any way with Notre Dame’s Student Information System (Banner), Sakai (Course Management System) or Courseware (networked file storage). If a faculty member chooses to use Google Apps for Notre Dame for class-related activities with his/her students, that faculty member must manually maintain access privileges to items in Google Apps.

If you have any questions about the use of Google Apps for Notre Dame, please contact the OIT Help Desk.