Google Apps for Notre Dame

Google Drive is a "cloud" storage system that allows you to store and synchronize your files across devices, share folders or files, and collaborate; it combines with the other Google Apps features to provide a wide array of functionality.

You can log into Google Apps for Notre Dame at


Note: Highly Sensitive Information CANNOT be stored in Google Apps. 

Google Apps for Notre Dame

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Google provides a variety of tools to help you learn how to use each part of the Google Apps for Notre Dame suite. Please review the information linked below for details and help using the tools. If you have additional questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk by email to or by phone at (574) 631-8111.

Note: When leaving the University of Notre Dame, you will lose access to your Google Apps account.  For information on what will transfer to another account and what will not, see Google's Moving Product Data page.

Google Apps for Notre Dame & Privacy

Google Apps for Notre Dame is provided by the University to students, faculty, and staff, and University policies apply to these services. In addition, Google upholds a strict privacy policy. You will need to accept Google's privacy policy the first time you log into Google Apps for Notre Dame.

Please note that in collaborative spaces within Google Apps for Notre Dame, your name and email address is visible to others. For example, when using Documents in Google Apps for Notre Dame, all people who can access a shared document can see the names and email addresses of any other persons sharing that same document.

Information stored in Google Apps for Notre Dame is subject to the Highly Sensitive Information Handling Standard.

Google Apps Overview

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Provides up to 30GB of quota shared between Gmail and Google Drive, mail search tools, and integrated chat using your email address
Note: Gmail is the email service for students. Faculty and staff will continue to use Exchange as their primary mail service.


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An online calendar tool that allows you to coordinate meetings, schedule events, and share your calendar with others.


Google Apps


Upload and store documents and files with 30GB of cloud storage space shared between Gmail and Google Drive.


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Hangouts lets you send messages, photos, emoji, and make video calls with your friends and family.

Note: to watch overview video, Flash may be required. Get Flash here: free Adobe Flash Player


Google Sites


Easy-to-use tools allow users across campus to create their own sites to share information, documents, or other types of media without having to study html or other forms of programming.


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Share your thoughts, links and photos with the right circles.  Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat.




View, upload, and share videos with your friends, colleagues, Notre Dame, or the world. 

See important note below on creating a YouTube account using your Notre Dame ( Google account.

Useful Tips:


Note: If you create a YouTube channel using your Notre Dame Google account, you cannot change the ownership of your channel or videos to another account. If you graduate or leave Notre Dame, you will have to download your videos and upload them again using another Google account.


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